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Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Why would we even do this to ourselves? (A blog by Doctor Baron Von Tongue - AKA - George)

If you have found us online, seen us live or are here because someone told you to check it out, you are probably one of those who feel the same way we do. Over the years, music has changed. It's not bad, we're not here to judge, but just about anyone can sit at home and make music with a computer. Even when I go into a real studio, it's all about "playing to a click track" instead of playing to each other and the moments of emotions we were all experiencing together. Every mistake is fixed, and some of the vocals these days are almost not even human. Again there is nothing wrong with it. There is just a ton of it.

We got together to blow off some steam at the end of COVID lockdowns. We decided to record all of our jams, to keep a record of them. In doing this, we found something extraordinary about the sound of the recordings. Not just from an audio perspective but from an emotional one. We found they held us and others to the act of listening to them. So we decided to record that way. We would finish writing the songs, but when it came time to capture the performance, we would record as much of the music as possible live off the floor with no clicks or editing. Now add that to a recording studio like THE SANCTUARY in Hamilton, Ontario, and the result opened up a new stratosphere for us all.

“I find the songs can be as long as they want now because they are alive and breathing. We let them go until they run out of what they have to say. The listener stays glued to the performance and doesn't notice how long or short they are.”

A New Single Every Six Weeks (or so...)

Recording everything at once also takes way less time! This doesn't only make it easy to record; it makes it easy to write. It demands that everyone is together and the energy going into making a song amplifies the connection from the place it's coming from. The melodies, changes and lyrics come out quicker because six antennas vibing together is always better than one. We hope you all enjoy what we get to bring to you. Music is essential, and so are the people that listen to it.

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