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"Below" - The Good Doctor has released a first single, and it's pure FIRE!

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

We are doing it. This band is fuelled and driven. We have just dropped our first single, "Below." Stream or buy the high-quality version! Check the blog out!

"Below" is what music should have become! (Philip Farley)

Below Is a song about the eternal ever after and everything you forgot to learn in life. It's a nine-minute-long live-off-the-floor masterpiece! In this song, the band shows a natural ability to create sounds as one unit. The patient opening leads to a driving bass line that takes you into the music. You fall into a profound stereoscopic encounter with the band from beat one of the drum groove. The lyrics chase you until you can't run, and you are left breathing some kind of bliss that you can't let go of until it's over. I recommend a high-fidelity listening experience where you can tune in unexposed to the real world.

“I played it over and over again until I couldn't stay awake.”

Recorded in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, at the Sanctuary Recording Studio. In June of 2022. It was later mixed on the facilities Rupert Neve Console by the band's own George Panagopoulos (singer) and Mark McMaster (Drums). This, to me, is what music should have evolved into. This happens when you give talented people the time to connect; this happens when you forget about selling music and start playing it.


We had a fantastic time doing this! Codi Maki (bass) was noodling a little on the bass as I walked over to the keyboard. I heard this little riff and decided to repeat it just in case he forgot it. It was all so natural. I started repeating it, and by nature, he started playing it. Within seconds we were into this song. Everyone instantly knew what to do. The bonus for us is that we get to record every idea. I think knowing that makes it more important in a way. Each member then added some ideas; Mark and I worked hard on completing the lyrics to the melody. The words "below" and others that came out in a jam gave us just enough clues. That song wrote itself. We just helped it.

Our general philosophy when we record 90 percent of the time is NO CLICKS, and as much of the song is recorded at once as possible. This one had some background vocals added, but the rest was pretty much a single event. (#newmusic #liveofthefloor #musicismagic)

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