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Hailing from the eclectic energy of Hamilton, ON, Doctor Tongue stands as a genre-defying powerhouse, melding rock, funk, soul, hip-hop, and country with a dash of the unexpected—like a secret ingredient from your grandma's kitchen. They're more than a band; they're a movement of sonic alchemy, turning diverse musical elements into fiercely original compositions.

In the quietude of the pandemic, the band's story began. A chessboard was the genesis of what would become a magnetic pull for local musicians, leading to George's fateful inclusion in March 2022. By the May 24 weekend, the Come Together festival felt the full force of their debut, a precursor to a series of unstoppable performances and releases.

March 2023 brought the heartbreak of Dylan's passing, but the story was far from over. Chris Wheeler, with his profound guitar skills; Olivia Brown, with her brilliant bass and vocal prowess; and Jethro Mann's deep voice, intense rhythm guitar, and selfless dedication, brought a renaissance to Doctor Tongue's sound, rich with skilled songwriting and three-part harmonies that you can hear soaring in their latest release, "Forget About Love."

This band is a living tapestry of authentic music-making, cherishing the human element where music breathes life. Their philosophy of real music for real people is embodied in a sound that transcends time with echoing legendary adaptability. With a significant Spotify following and a recording studio that bridges music's storied past with its vibrant present, Doctor Tongue captures the essence of live performance, offering an immersive experience with every show. As they gear up for a series of shows and festivals, they're not just playing music; they're forging connections, resonating with audiences through shared musical celebrations.

Following their rousing performance at the Festival of Friends Mainstage and nights to remember at The Corktown and Toronto's Horseshoe Tavern, Doctor Tongue is on a mission to fill their calendar with shows that promise to be etched in memory as they continue to push the boundaries of music by releasing a new song every 6 weeks.



"Took a chance hiring Doctor Tongue for the "Sew Hungry Festival," and they did not disappoint. It was great watching and listening to them as they captured and maintained the audience's attention throughout their performance. I highly recommend them for any event or festival."

-Musical Director SEW HUNGRY FESTIVAL (2022)

"People are going to fall in love with this band. They're the real deal!"

-ROSS HOGARTH (six time grammy winning producer/engineer)

"They put on a fantastic show. Doctor Tongue is a strange energy that takes over and makes people want to celebrate.  Everyone, including the staff, had an incredible time. 

and bar sales were phenomenal."


Doctor Tongue - Blue Spaceman (Official Music Video)

Doctor Tongue - Blue Spaceman (Official Music Video)

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